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Jeannie Vodnik
Jeannie Vodnik
Dear Friend:

People are like icebergs, only 10% show above the surface. What is happening in the 90% area that cannot be seen? A handwriting analysis is like having an x-ray of your brain and it is the only way our subconscious can really communicate with us.

With a personal handwriting analysis, I can quickly and accurately reveal components of your personality and make-up. I can help you improve yourself, understand yourself, and help you to change your handwriting and change your life for the better. The letter "t" alone has 26 revealing personality characteristics.

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I offer the following services:
One-on-One Personal Consultation & Analysis
In person or via telephone communication
Relationship Analysis Print-out
In Depth 2 or More People
Also available for Workshops, Lectures and Private Parties
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